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Veronica Antonelli, offers you a insolite singing and guided visit of Montmartre.         

Recognized worldwide for singing a capella into in unusual places whose soul it reveals, the Diva dressed in her wings, transports us in its Enchanted Montmartre, a unique visit, out of time.

The opera singer will celebrate the 10 years of her innovative concept adapted in Montmartre in 2023 !

The voice of Montmartre sings for you famous french songs to the great opera arias. Atypical guide, she transmits the History and promotes artists who made the legend of Montmartre.

In all seasons, come shiver and experience Montmartre differently ! 

Thanx to her exceptional voice, Veronica Antonelli, makes monuments sing and she enchants Montmartre's Hill offering you an adaptation of her original concept "Monuments Enchantés", four times winner "Music grand Price" for its innovative concept and labeled UNESCO, registered trademarks.

Dressed in majestic colored wings that symbolize Freedom, she creates this character half fairy half goddess in 2016, following the attacks in Paris.

Veronica Antonelli transmits culture & history to all audiences. She poetizes the city and campaigns for a caring public space, by perpetuating the tradition of street art.

                                                                              AN UNPRECEDENTED VISIT 

The visit begins with thePlace des Abbesses and stroll through the Clos Montmartre vines how far is the basilica of Sacred Heart. In this original journey adapted to the joyful and rebel spirit from the Village, the Ambassador of the Republic of Montmartre who does "the good with joy". She tells you with passion the history and the life of the personalities who made the Montmartre legend alternately with its repertoire that extend from :

-famous French songs with "the temps des cerises",

-to hymns and revolutionary songs,

- to great opera arias (Bellini, Bizet, Mozart, Puccini...)

-to operetta (Offenbach),

-to baroque aria(Purcell, Handel, Vivaldi...),

-to gospels,

-and of course to sacred songs where she excels (Gounod, Bach, Vivaldi...) 

that it has the specificity of interpreting a cappella enhancing her environment. She sometimes asks her audience to give her the answer like in Carmen "Habanera" Bizet .

A visit unique that gives back to Paris the light city, human voice, a human size.


                                                                   AN AUTHENTIC VISION OF MONTMARTRE

In this north-facing route that the guide of the most beautiful acoustic developed on the basis of "acoustic tracking", you will rediscover the authentic Montmartre of yesteryear :

-departure place Abbesses ;

-square Jehan Rictus and its famous "I love you wall";

-Saint Denis Martyrium crypt (subject to availability)

-St Jean de Montmartre church (subject to availability)

-Rue Androuet

-Place Emile Goudeau

-House of the singer Dalida

-Moulin de la Galette

-Place Marcel Ayme

-Dalida Square

-the vineyards of Clos Montmartre

- Mont Cenis stairs

-Sacred Heart

                                                                                AN EXCEPTIONAL ARTIST

Professional singer since 1996, vocal performer,Veronica Antonelli has undergone a complete training: musical instruments violin and pianomusic theory, composition, lyricist, actress theater, actress movie theaterdance(classical, modern, contemporary jazz, folk), choreography, musical comedy, staging, French songsjazz, screenplay writing,Voice over cinema, and studied lyrical art alongside the greatest Divas:

-Kiki Morfoniou, colleague of Maria Callas, to Athens National Conservatory;

-Mady MESPLE in France;

-Mrs DamrauAt New York.

In 2005, in the vanguard, into the canyons in Arizona, she had the brilliant idea of putting his a capella voice at the service of heritage (historical, natural, industrial). She made it as a concept Enchanted Monuments at the border between the transmission of culture, the valuation of inheritanc, and tourism. Labeled UNESCO, her concept is now the subject of research with the CNRS.

Veronica Antonelli offers the public to experience a unprecedented and authentic experience in monuments in Paris, called Enchanted Montmartre. In 2023, she will celebrate her 10 years in Montmartre !

                                                                                A HUMANIST ARTIST 

She created "Enchanted Monuments with closed eyes: explore the invisible" to raise public awareness of handicap(s) and in 2013 won the Handicraft of the culture & disability mediation, in 2014 the Prix Ecureuil and solidarity, and the Price of Foundation of France. Montmartre Enchanté is inclusive of all disabilities.

Chosen by Julien Lauprêtre in 2014 to be one of the Godmothers for the french humanitary association Secours Populaire Français she offers to families (parents and children) supported by the SPF culture to fight against poverty.

During the covid season 1, after having partially recovered, at 8 p.m. each evening, she sang a capella without microphone, revolutionary songs from her balcony to encourage her neighbors, caregivers and workers. She was followed by more than 20,000 people live on Facebook every day in the whole world.

To his surprise, the AFP  came to film it. It was broadcasted on Cnews, M6, BFM TV, France 24 etc... Then APNews  (North America and Latin America) the world largest news agency came to interview her in English and Spanish, and filmed her singing "a soprano from balcony";, then Japan Tv and the Australia Tv. Her "Amazing Grace" performed with faith circled the earth in all languages. 

Then, she generously offers other artists to participate from her balcony "Balcony Live Show".

Her crystal and clear recognized voice naturally powerful of soprano lyrico-spinto also stood out this summer 2022. Indeed, after nine years of sung and commented tours in Montmartre, curiously the popular soprano was arrested by the police for singing two minutes, which revolted social networks and puzzled tourists from all over the world.

The Paris City Hall addressed to her personally and through the press its most sincere apologies considering that Veronica Antonelli tour is part of the soul of Montmartre. All the media relayed this case (Le Parisien, BFM TV, Radio Classique, M6, News, France 3, 20 minutes, Morandini, sortir à Paris, Montmartre in review, Radio France culture, radio Nova, Virgin radio, radio Courtoisie, radio France bleu, RTBF...) in France and abroad (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Usa, Spain, Greece, Canada, China...) where the quality of his work is already recognized.

                                                           AN ARTIST COMMITTED TO CULTURE 

Don't be surprised to see the Montmartrois and the visitors, who were already supporting the unique talented singer from Sacred Heart, encourage her more by approaching her, complimenting her, asking autographs and selfies during his travels at Montmartre Enchanted.

The one that dusts off opera and democratizes lyrical art now symbolizes the struggle for culture in France.

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